Board Member Spotlight: Kemmy Aderibigbe

How did you first hear about the National Black MBA Association?
A close friend of my parents served on the Board for many years. I admired the balance she maintained with womanhood, parenthood, and leadership. She was graceful and poised and exemplified multifaceted leadership skills that one could only look up to with appreciation. She was a professional woman with multiple roles inside and outside of the home that I found to be admirable.

What influenced you to join the National Black MBA Association – Los Angeles Chapter Board? 
My strong desire to serve on professional and academic boards and committees stems from my diverse background and my desire to mentor. When a Board vacancy arose, I inquired right away and applied. I wanted to utilize my planning and organizational skills to help others in pursuing their professional goals. Landing the director of social networking role, I uncovered and developed my space and interest. I enjoy working with people and collaborating both in a personal and professional landscape. My role allows me the opportunity to create an environment where the black professional community can commune, share, grow, learn, and enjoy themselves safely and openly.


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What is your favorite thing about the National Black MBA Association community? 
My favorite thing about the organization is my team. Coming from a big family, fellowship is always an area of comfort. Combining family with like-minded professionals in the Los Angeles metropolitan area does not come easy. But I have had the opportunity to grow and be part of an extended family where we can advance, discover, appreciate, and strive together. More importantly, we can give back and share what we have learned with the communities we serve.

What are the benefits of being a member of the National Black MBA Association? 
I value the networking opportunities, building relationships, and partnerships. This organization has something for everyone. While traditionally LABMBA (also known as The National Black MBA Association – Los Angeles Chapter) is a black-centered organization, I found it to be diverse, inclusive, and reflective of Los Angeles and other Southern California cities. We are one of the largest multiracial, multigenerational professional organizations and have successfully partnered with various organizations across Los Angeles and beyond.

What excites you most about the direction of the National Black MBA Association – Los Angeles Chapter, and how will you contribute to it in your current role? 
The opportunities are endless here, and the journey has just begun. I recently switched roles within the Board and now serve as the director of community relations. The most exciting thing is taking prior relationships to create new growth opportunities for the National Black MBA Association – Los Angeles Chapter. My goal is to take us to a new level by incorporating the change I want to see. I plan to lead us to an overwhelming aptitude for wealth building and growth strategies and tactics because educational and professional aspirations should lead to homeownership and community development. The marathon continues.

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