Member Spotlight: Laundale Smith

What’s your connection to Los Angeles County?

I moved from Kansas City, Kansas to Los Angeles fall 2012. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone away from the Midwest and challenge myself. I also was motivated by professional reasons, working in the financial services industry. I would have more opportunities in a larger market, like Los Angeles.


How did you first hear about the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)?

I first heard about NBMBAA in 2017 from a Black Professionals Group. I was seeking to expand my network outside my company, and the fact that NBMBAA is a national professional organization made it even more appealing to me.smith-mba-8bb9a434

What influenced you to join the National Black MBA Association – Los Angeles Chapter Board?

I joined NBMBAA to be part of a group of black professionals for growth and gain insight on navigating my career and business ventures. Subsequently, I joined the Los Chapter Board to support an organization with the interest of the black community at the forefront.


What is your favorite thing about the National Black MBA Association community?

My favorite thing about the NBMBAA community is meeting different people from diverse backgrounds that can relate to all job levels and all levels of black professional experience. 


What are the benefits of being a member of the National Black MBA Association?

The benefits of being an NBMBAA member are the opportunities to connect and speak with executives and leaders from different companies and industries. Such interactions can lead to new relationships and inside information. Solid business relationships elicit professional development and referrals.


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